Lancet Countdown Oceania centre receives public health award

The 2023 Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) Tony McMichael Public Health Ecology and Environment Award was awarded to Associate Professor Paul Beggs and Associate Professor Ying Zhang, Director and Co-Director of the Lancet Countdown Oceania, along with all co-authors of the MJA-Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change.

Initiated by the Public Health Association Australia, the award recognises people who have made a significant contribution in the combined domains of public health and ecology or environmental health.

This year, the award recognises the importance and impact of the national reports and policy briefs produced by the centre over the last six years. Professor Paul Beggs collected the award at the Australian Public Health Conference in Hobart.

“This particular award means a great deal to the Lancet Countdown Oceania team, in part because it is named after Tony McMichael, an international leader in health and climate change research that many in the team had the great pleasure to know and work with, and in part because the award is recognition of not only our research but also our extensive advocacy and translation of research into the public and policy domain,” said Dr Paul Beggs, Director of the Lancet Countdown Oceania.