Lancet Countdown at COP28

The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change brings together almost 300 researchers from across the world, to track the evolving links between climate change and health. This year at COP28, many of our contributors will be in Dubai to present this evidence and highlight the opportunities for health-centred climate action.  

Equipped with the latest data from the Lancet Countdown 2023 Report, our contributors will underscore the imperative for a health-centred response in a world facing irreversible harms. 

Find our contributors and their events listed below. 

27 November 


09:20– 11:00: A COP28 Pre-Conference in Abu Dhabi: Update on the Lancet Commission Countdown Report (more information)

  • Kristie Ebi

13:00-14:50: A COP28 Pre-Conference in Abu Dhabi: Transforming of Public Food Procurement Systems for Health and Sustainability (more information) 

  • Kristine Belesova

1 December 


10:45-12:00: NUS@COP28: Climate Risk is Health Risk (Singapore Pavillion)

  • Jason Lee 

16:30-17:30: Networking Reception: Universities for Climate Action (Monash Pavilion, Thematic Arena 1, Blue Zone)

  • Paul Beggs

2 December 


ILO-EU Pavillion – Occupational heat stress (more information)

  • Jason Lee 

3 December: HEALTH DAY 


09:00-10:00: Transforming Australian, First Nations and Pacific Islands health responses to climate change through action at the nexus of research, policy, and partnerships (Australian Pavilion in Mobility Petal, Blue Zone)

  • Sotiris Vardoulakis, Aditya Vyas and Paul Beggs 

11:30-12:30 How does climate change affect our health? (Venue GCA Action Arena – Al Wakri – Room 2, Blue Zone)

  • Marina Romanello

13:00-14:20: Climate Change and Health Presentation – Congress of the Republic of Peru (Peru Pavilion)

  • Stella Hartinger

15:00-15:45: Developing low-carbon, climate-resilient healthcare systems (World Bank Group, IMF & FT pavilion, Blue Zone)

  • Marina Romanello 

16:30-18:30: COP28 Solutions Showcase (COP28 Presidency space in Green Zone – the Atrium)

  • Aditya Vyas 

Time TBC Climate change, physical activity and health Roundtable (China Pavilion)

  • Fanghong Yao

4 December

11:10-12:30: ATACH Initiative – Low Carbon Sustainable Health Systems (Health Pavilion)

  • Jodi Sherman

14:30-15:45: Health-Climate Interaction: Strengthening Alliances through the Practice Community (Peru Pavilion)

  • Stella Hartinger, Luciana Blanco, Marina Romanello

17:00-18:15: ATACH Initiative on Climate Action and Nutrition (Health Pavilion)

  • Marina Romanello

5 December 

11:15-12:30 Climate Data, Science and Services for Better Health: Global Status and Opportunities (WHO Pavilion)

  • Andrew Pershing

15:00-16:30 Accelerating a just transition for healthy people and a healthy planet​ (Side event room 4, more information)

  • Louis Jamart

17:30-17:50: Lancet Countdown Oceania: health and climate change experts, culture, communication, and the poetry of the human enterprise at Climate Medicine Day (Entertainment and Culture Pavilion, Blue Zone)

  • Paul Beggs, Aditya Vyas and Francis Nona

6 December 

09:00-10:00: There is no ‘new normal’: How climate attribution science can strengthen early warning systems (WMO Pavilion)

  • Andrew Pershing

09:00-10:15: The transition of food systems and its implications for the environment, consumption and public health (Brazil Pavilion)

  • Tatiana Souza de Camargo, Raquel Santiago

11:00-12:00 Building Climate Resilient Health Systems in Latin America: Evidence of climate impacts, best practices, and financial considerations (Ecuador Pavilion)

  • Stella Hartinger

17:30-22:00: Climate and Health GCHA Networking Reception (Asateer Tent, Atlantis, The Palm)

7 December 

14:00-15:30: Correcting course to 1.5°C: Positive tipping points in the transition to net zero (more information)

  • Nadia Ameli 

8 December

12:00 – 13:30: Focusing on co-benefits: Improving food and health policies for a changing climate (Burkina Faso Pavilion)

  • Elizabeth Robinson
  • Shouro Dasgupta

9 December 

09:00-10:30: Addressing Climate Change to Protect Human Health (Biosphere 3 Solutions Pavilion: Site No. TA3-235, Blue Zone) 

  • John S Li 

09:30-10:45: Integrating health into climate change responses – The role of health professionals (more information) 

  • Ying Zhang 

13:30-14:45: Synergising to increase ambition on net zero – working with global health supply chains (Health Pavilion)

  • Matt Eckelman

15:15-16:30: Inclusive, healthy and sustainable food systems: Are we ready for this transition? (Amazon Hub)

  • Tatiana Souza de Camargo

11 December


18:30-20:00: Health, food and climate: A systems perspective for urgent climate action (side event room 4)

  • Madhuvanti Murphy