Find a local Lancet Countdown 2022 launch event near you

The Lancet Countdown 2022 Report will be published on 25 October 2022, 23:30 BST. 

Following publication, we will host a global launch event on 26 October, 14:00 BST, which considers the key findings this year on a global level. Find out more here.  

We are also hosting multiple regional launch events with local partners to explore the latest global health profile of climate change, at national and regional levels – exploring the findings that are most urgent or unique in these contexts.

These events will bring together passionate and expert local speakers to discuss the consequences of delayed action for public health, and the health, economic, and societal opportunities of a robust and rapid response. 

We will be constantly updating the list below to include new events and their registration links as they become available. All timings listed are local.

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26 October 

27 October 

28 October

30 October 

31 October

  • Canada
  • Egypt 

2 November 

  • Australia

3 November 

7 December

 15 December 

22 December