About the Lancet Countdown Europe

The Lancet Countdown: Health and Climate Change in Europe is tracking the connections between public health and climate change across Europe.

Our Work

The Lancet Countdown in Europe mirrors the approach of the global Lancet Countdown, and monitor health dimensions of climate change in Europe across five key domains:

  1. climate change impacts; exposures, and vulnerability
  2. adaptation planning and resilience for health
  3. mitigation actions and health co-benefits
  4. economics and finance
  5. politics and governance

Indicators will be refined on an annual basis as new data and better methods become available. Find out more about our science here.

In its initial stages, the work will focus on the 38 EEA member states and cooperating countries, with a view to expanding coverage to the whole WHO European Region. The data for the indicators of the Lancet Countdown in Europe will also be made openly available online for download, through this webpage.

As the collaboration grows, we welcome input and suggestions from researchers and policy makers across Europe who are willing to contribute to this initiative.