We’re growing our collaboration in Africa!

Are you a researcher working on climate change and health in Africa?


We are currently building our Lancet Countdown network in Africa, to ensure accurate and insightful analysis of the unique impacts, challenges, and responses to climate change in this region.

The climate and health nexus in Africa is unique. The region is on the frontline of the climate crisis, though many of the countries most vulnerable to climate change impacts have contributed least to its causes.

We are looking to engage academic researchers in Africa, to monitor the diverse effects of climate change on health in the region, and identify and shape the health opportunities of climate action.

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About the Lancet Countdown


The Lancet Countdown is a global academic collaboration of over 300 multidisciplinary academics. We exist to monitor the health impacts of climate change and the health opportunities that come with accelerated climate action.

Our authors and contributors are based all over the world, contributing to a global project with a growing number of regional centres which currently exist in Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, and Small Island Developing States (SIDS). These centres enable us to better understand the regional contexts which influence engagement and policy on climate change and health.