Watch: Health professionals describe climate change impacts on health

Health professionals are on the frontline of the climate crisis, seeing the health impacts of increased food insecurity, disease transmission, extreme weather, and air pollution first-hand.

These testimonies highlight some examples of the health impacts already being felt today, and how health professionals are responding.

Byron Chapoterera

Byron Chapoterera describes the impact of climate change on food security and malaria transmission in Zimbabwe.

Dr Omnia El Omrani

Dr Omnia El Omrani describes the health impacts of climate change on young people.

Dr Paula Henry

Dr Paula Henry describes the health impacts of flooding and extreme weather in Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr Courtney Howard

Dr Courtney Howard describes the health impacts of climate change she observed in the Canadian sub-arctic.

Berhe Tesfay

Berhe Tesfay, MSF epidemiologist, describes how climate change is causing unpredictable malaria seasons in South Sudan.