Lancet Countdown South America Publications and Resources

The Lancet Countdown: Health and Climate Change in South America produces a range of Spanish and English language publications, resources and materials with a regional focus. Explore these below.

The 2022 South America report of The Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: trust the science. Now that we know, we must act

The first Lancet Countdown South America regional indicator report warns that the health of South American populations is being severely impacted by increasing climate change-driven environmental changes.

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2019 global Lancet Countdown infographics (Español)

Spanish language infographics from the global Lancet Countdown 2019 report launch

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Resumen Ejecutivo (Español)

Informe del Lancet Countdown 2019 sobre la salud y el cambio climático

Resumen Ejecutivo (Español)